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Pulling her car up to the side of the house, Veronica was finally home. Well, not her home anymore; Her home was the college dorms 350 miles away. She was finally at her parent’s house though, which felt more like home than the room at the university. Her dorm was more like the place she stored most of her clothes and spent every waking hour studying. She had only been away at university for a few months and was just getting settled in by Winter Break, Veronica’s first opportunity to return to her home town.

Mom and dad couldn’t wait, smothering Veronica the moment she walked through the door. Dad brought her duffel bag upstairs, while mom prepared a plate of food and placed it in front of her within fifteen minutes. They spent a couple of hours asking about classes, the dorms and campus social life. It’s not like they hadn’t asked all the same questions each week or two over the phone, but they still wanted to hear it all again, as if they were living vicariously through her. Or maybe it allowed them to relive old memories of their college days. At nearly midnight, they finally exhausted themselves of their inquiry and headed off to bed.

Veronica was home for the holidays having just finished her first semester of finals. Her bedroom was just as she had left it, the high school yearbook still on the desk and the closet still full of some of her high school outfits. They kept the house so hot in the winter, Veronica opened the window slightly, letting the crisp, snowy air inside. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she pushed both sneakers off and set them to one side. Next, shirt and jeans came off, leaving just a bra and panties covering her slender but well-rounded figure. She folded her clothes neatly, placing them on the top of the antique dresser. Standing and staring into the mirror, she examined her body as had been her custom when living at home.

Veronica pulled her head back, turning slightly to look at her long neckline and rounded shoulders. A thin smile crossed her lips as she flipped her long, blonde hair behind her back. A sheer black bra with lace edging barely covered her nipples, though still held her ample breasts firmly in place. If only her parents knew that she was wearing sheer fabric in the front, nipples and areola visible through the thin material. She lowered both eyes down the vertical lines of her stomach, past the navel to the top of the matching black panties. Giggling quietly, she admired the outline of her completely bare lips and clit behind the fabric.

Thinking of Stephanie, she rubbed her tits lightly with one hand, sliding the other down her belly to the top band of the panties. In the mirror, her fingers moved over the lace edging and grazed both lips lightly through the material. Watching in the mirror, Veronica drew her fingers back up and pressed one digit against the clit, warmth spreading throughout her pussy. Up and down she moved, applying slight pressure with each upward tug, the hard nub tightening and swelling. She opened her mouth just enough to draw in quick, shallow breaths.

Veronica pulled off her bra with the other hand, setting her perky tits free. She moved toward the bed, eyes transfixed on herself in the mirror. Sitting on the bedside, she spread both knees apart, continuing to rub. Lifting her mound up, she traced the outline of both lips through the fabric. Her fingers moved faster, the wetness soaking the thin cloth. Alternating between the lips and center of her pussy, the clit exposed itself further with each stroke.

Veronica closed her eyes, as her mind drifted to thoughts of Kenny and Stephanie. Her secret meetings in the hay loft of the barn with Kenny, exploring each other endlessly. And sharing a bed with Stephanie, learning how to please another girl. The excitement welled inside as she reminisced about the times she had shared with each.

“God, I wish one of them were here! Fingering me, licking me!” she thought. “I miss Kenny’s touch and Stephanie’s tongue. God, to have them both right now!”

The cool night air slipped through the window and across her body, nipples reacting, reaching. Veronica massaged one breast, barely pinching the taut nipple between two fingers. The cold air and nipple play caused tiny electrical pulses to travel through her upper body.

She ceased rubbing the outside of the panties long enough to slide one hand under the lace band, pulling the fabric away from her mound. Veronica’s middle finger slipped easily between her juicy, wet lips, probing the hole and massaging the clit. She thought about Kenny rubbing her pussy and Stephanie licking her slit. She pressed it between her sopping wet lips, fingering the hole, sliding in and out.

“Oh, Kenny! Probe me!” she whimpered to herself. “God, yes! Lick me Stephanie!”

Veronica slid her panties down to her feet and kicked them to one side. Quickly moving her hand back to her muff, she watched in the mirror as her fingers rubbed faster, plunged deeper. An orgasm was surging inside, pussy welling with wetness. Her breathing deepened and nipples hardened, belly rising and falling. Tugging harder, Veronica pressed the finger against her clit each time it drew upward. Spreading her legs in the mirror, her finger plunged into the hole and rubbed the slit over and over again. A few final tugs with her middle finger and she felt the familiar flood as the orgasm peaked and burst.

Originating at the center of Veronica’s clit, the orgasm exploded and thrust her over the edge. Squeezing her tit harder with her right hand, she moaned softly, trying desperately to keep quiet. Veronica ground her pussy into her hand, body quivering in the cool night air. Shaking and shuddering, she pressed harder, mashing the clit against her palm. With one final thrust, she squeezed her mound tight letting the last ripple flow through every muscle. Then total relaxation overcame her as she slipped between the sheets. Already dreaming of Kenny and Stephanie curled up on either side, she drifted off to sleep.

The following day, Veronica slept in late, waking with a smile. It felt so good to be in her old bed, the feel of her fluffy pillow and thick mattress. The comforter lay heavy over her bare body, just covering her full tits. The bed at the dorm was nothing like this – hard and lumpy, with over-bleached sheets.

Veronica rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, lounging in bed for another twenty minutes before heading downstairs for coffee and a late breakfast. She had been planning to hang out with Kenny during her visit but wanted it to be a surprise. He still worked at the hardware store in town and she knew from Theresa that his shift ended around 8 pm.

Most of the day was spent relaxing around the house, enjoying the first day back at her childhood home in several months. Her horse Winnie was excited when she entered the barn to check on her, making considerable more noise than usual. The farm looked the same as always, just completely covered in snow as it always was in the winter.

Getting ready early, Veronica donned black satin panties and a balconette bra. Her tits needed no help standing up, but they looked beautiful in the soft, shiny fabric, so round and full. Kenny wouldn’t be able to resist paying particular attention to them. She knew how much he liked the satin panties too, primarily due to the way his fingers would glide effortlessly across the top and the way her wetness soaked easily through the thin material.

Veronica threw on her tight jeans, jumping to pull them up and over her round ass. Buttoning them, she twisted in front of the mirror to make sure they accentuated both cheeks the way she wanted. Of course they did. The thin sweater she bundled up with fit snugly around the waist and over her hips. The top emphasized her tits perfectly, the slight outline of nipples perfectly level on both sides.

“Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean I can’t show off my curves”, she thought. “No reason I can’t give him something to admire when he sees me.”

Arriving ten minutes early, Veronica waited by Kenny’s car outside the store, breathing into her hands to warm them. Just after 8 pm, Kenny emerged walking through the parking lot, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw her. He grinned widely, nearly running across the cold asphalt and giving her a long hug. They never kissed in public and tonight was no different. No one in town knew they had spent months learning from each other, experimenting, sexually discovering not only themselves, but each other.

The two sat in his car, allowing the engine to warm, waiting for the heater in his old car to work. They talked for quite a while, catching up on developments in both their lives. Kenny was attending the local Community College in the nearby city and was still trying to decide what major to pursue. He had a scholarship to play baseball, so had decided to spend two years at home before going off to a University. His parents weren’t wealthy by any means, so between the job at the hardware store and the scholarship, Kenny paid for school while he continued living at home.

While Kenny was updating Veronica on life, she placed one hand on his leg, making certain that no awkward space existed between them. Several months had passed since their last encounter but their interactions were so natural, as if they had only been apart a few days. They had explored each other through spring and most of the summer, each learning how to touch, lick and suck. The two had done everything but actually have sex. Or at least everything they knew anything about.

Veronica for her part, had sex with another girl, Stephanie, several times since the last tryst with Kenny but left that out of their talk. And that really wasn’t the same as going all the way with a guy. As far as Kenny knew, she had only messed around with him. There was nothing exclusive about their relationship, of course, at least not that they ever discussed. Kenny was probably thinking Veronica had a boyfriend in college but didn’t want to ask. She teased that he must have had girls wanting to take him out all the time. He blushed and turned his head away.

Kenny had no idea that Veronica had sexual exploits of her own, learning how to lick another pussy, rub a slit, and make a girl come. She wasn’t stuck on words like “orgasm” and “dick” anymore. She loved eating, sucking, cumming! And she learned to be vocal now, to say “God!” and “Fuck!” It all added to her experience, making it so erotic and stimulating. No longer just a participant having an orgasm, she was losing herself in the sex. Veronica knew what she wanted and was comfortable asking for it, even demanding it.

After fifteen minutes of conversation, the car was more than warm. Kenny fidgeted with knobs as if working towards a topic. Finally, he asked the question Veronica was hoping to hear. She wanted to hear it, wanted it to come from him.

“What are you doing tonight?” he asked. “My parents are gone for the weekend and I can stay out as long as I want. If you’re not busy, I mean.”


Veronica made sure not to seem too excited but to just say what she wanted. “I can stay out all night Kenny”, she said with certainty. “I can stay with you tonight. I have to come back into town tomorrow. If I leave my car here, could you bring me back in the morning?”

“Umm, yeah. You can stay with me”, he repeated, a bit clumsily. “I work at eleven tomorrow, if that works.”

Veronica smiled back not saying anything at all, just nodded in affirmation. He hesitated for a moment, then put the car in reverse, backing out of the parking space. They drove Kenny’s car thirty minutes out of town to the road they both lived on. Passing Veronica’s driveway, the two continued on to Kenny’s house. They had only messed around with each other at his house once before since his mom spent most days working at home.

It was getting much colder now that a storm was coming in, so they hurried inside away from the chilly night air. They dropped their shoes by the door and Kenny quickly built a fire to warm the house. Letting Veronica thaw, he went to the kitchen and poured a couple of whiskey’s on the rocks. That was the drink of choice for most kids in their class during senior year. Living in the country, nearly everyone drank as a teenager. There weren’t a lot of options for social gatherings, since it was a long drive from home to go to places like a movie theater or fast food.

Sitting on the couch, they reminisced about their times in high school while sipping whiskey. The alcohol slowly penetrated their insides, warming them from the night air. Before long, the fire was crackling loudly, a little too hot for Veronica’s sweater but she left it on, not wanting to appear too eager. Once Kenny filled their glasses with new ice cubes and a fresh drink, he sat back down to continue the conversation.

Veronica wasn’t sure if Kenny was going to make a move and decided to take matters into her own hands. Without waiting for a pause in their conversation, she leaned forward in the middle of his sentence and kissed him. She pressed hard, holding her lips against his for a long time, tasting his mouth. Holding for a few moments, she placed one hand on his knee, brushing her tits against his chest. After a half minute of tasting his lips, Veronica smiled and pulled back, looking into his eyes.

Kenny seemed momentarily caught off guard staring back at her, then reengaged, kissing back. He felt those soft lips that had become so familiar and his desire took over. He thought about her so many times since the end of summer, missing their closeness both physically and emotionally. He put his hand behind her head and continued kissing more passionately, more deeply. After a few minutes, Veronica slowly slid her hand up his leg, wrapping her palm around his cock and squeezing. It was stiff and bulging, just the way she remembered.

“Oh, I’ve missed this”, she thought to herself. “I’ve wanted to touch his cock for so long! It’s so stiff, he must be dying for relief!”

Veronica stroked his rod, feeling the outline of the head through his jeans. It felt so good in her hand! She hadn’t felt a cock in months, not since their last time in August before she moved away to college. She had sex several times since then when Stephanie drove down for a few weekend visits during the semester, but it couldn’t take the place of a guy. Kenny moaned as Veronica clutched and stroked his thickness. It stiffened further and pulsed in her hand.

“God, I think it got bigger!” she mused. “I swear, it’s wider and longer than I remember.”

His hand found her breasts, squeezing and fondling them through the sweater. His thumb rubbed the nipples lightly through the front of her top until they hardened. Veronica loved having her nipples played with so lightly as if they were barely being kissed and Kenny had become an expert. She moaned, enjoying their embrace for several minutes before stopping. Sliding off the couch, she kneeled and looked up at him.

“Kenny, I need to suck you off”, Veronica said. “It’s been so long since I sucked your cock.”

He couldn’t believe what she was saying, or rather how she was saying it! She had never talked that way before, at least never to Kenny! This wasn’t the Veronica that he knew but he liked it. She was confident, yet demanding, as if college had instilled in her a new found assertiveness.


Veronica used both hands to unfasten the belt, eyes still locked onto Kenny’s. Unzipping his pants, she pulled them down his thighs and over his feet. His hard cock strained beneath his boxers. Lifting the band, she teased him by peering inside as if she didn’t know what to expect. Tugging the material down, his cock sprang free, flopping against his thigh with a thud. Veronica dispensed with his boxers and stroked the insides of his legs with her fingernails, carefully rubbing close to his manhood.

Kenny was watching with eager anticipation, ready for the teasing to be over. She grasped it with one hand, looked at it briefly, and pulled it into her mouth. Kenny groaned loudly as Veronica expertly sucked him, engulfing his head. Her tongue swirled around the shaft, licking his underside. The small patch of tissue just below the head drove him crazy. He yelled and she tugged his bulbous helmet with her lips while raking her teeth ever so lightly across him.

“Oh God, Veronica! Yes, that’s so good!” he said. “I… keep going, please!”

She sucked him deeper, stretching her lips down toward the base, the large head nearly pressing on the back of Veronica’s throat. Continuing to groan, Kenny’s cock swelled in her mouth. He was so close to cumming, she could feel it. Her hand slid down to cup his balls while stroking and sucking. He yelled one more time and Veronica abruptly stopped. Kenny protested for a moment, begging her to make him cum.

Veronica smiled and, in a commanding voice, said, “Kenny. I want you to lick me please. Lick my pussy.”

Again he was taken aback momentarily, looking confused, but he complied. Veronica stood, removing her sweater slowly to give Kenny a long look. Stripping her jeans, she sat back down on the couch in just her bra and panties.

Kenny watched the top raise over her head. He loved seeing those beautiful, round breasts freed from her sweater. They were just as he remembered them, straining at the sheer bra, nipples erect. A perfect little pussy lay behind satin panties, the outline of her lips just noticeable beneath the thin material. Kenny slowly knelt in front of Veronica as she slid one hand down between her legs. She began lightly rubbing one index finger along her slit, teasing him visually.

“Kenny, lick me”, she pleaded. “I’ve been waiting since summer for you to eat my pussy. Please, make me cum!”

Placing both hands on her thighs, Kenny buried his face into her muff, licking the lips and nibbling on her clit through the shiny material. Veronica squealed with sexy delight while Kenny drew his tongue up and down the slit. Her pussy was wet, drenching his mouth and dripping down his chin. Pressing on, he probed, explored, and drank her sweet nectar. Veronica placed one hand on the back of his head, lifting her ass off the couch and threw her hair back. Probing deeper, Kenny licked and sucked down her juices.

“Oh God, Kenny, yes!” she cried. “Fuck, yes! Fuck, yes! Please, I need to cum on your face!”

Kenny couldn’t believe what he was hearing but continued. He remembered exactly how to take care of her, to get her off. The panties nearly ripped as he pulled them quickly to one side. Just before diving back in, he noticed the difference.

“Veronica, you shaved,” he said, more than a little surprised.

“Yeah, I shaved,” she said. “Please, I want to cum. Lick my pussy, Kenny.”

Using two fingers, Kenny separated her lips gaining better access to the clit. She loved it when he flattened her pussy with his mouth and steadily rubbed under the little button with his tongue. Veronica pulled on the back of his head gently, letting him know how badly she needed it.

“Oh God, yes, I’m going to cum!” she yelled. “Please don’t stop! I’m cumming!”

Veronica’s pussy swelled and lips expanded, her muff engorging with excitement. He continued licking methodically, holding a steady pace, driving her toward an intense cum deep inside. Lifting off the couch, she pressed her bare twat into his face and arched her back, relishing the uncontrollable shaking of the orgasm. Veronica tensed one last time and moaned, toes curled, then melted into the back of the couch.

“Oh Kenny, that was so good,” Veronica said. “I’ve been needing that from you.”

After recovering for a few minutes, Veronica remembered she needed to tend to Kenny and opened her eyes. He was sitting on the floor waiting for her to recuperate but looking at her expectantly. His cock was still stiff and she knew he must be bursting. Veronica stood and pushed him backwards onto the floor in front of the fire.

“I’m going to finish you”, she said.

A few drops of cum had oozed from the tip of his cock, wetting the head. Just as Kenny was prepared for Veronica to finish sucking him off, she stepped over his legs. He was waiting to finally shoot his load, for her to swallow him. She had spent months learning how to suck him off, to draw the cum out of him. Many times she had swallowed his white stickiness, continuing to suck him while he shot into the back of her throat. He needed that again so badly.

Veronica lowered her head, lips engulfing the end of his cock, sucking beads of cum into her waiting mouth. He groaned loudly and she pulled a couple more sticky drops out of him. Rather than swallowing, Veronica rolled the wetness over his head with her tongue, swirling small circles around the top of the dome. Rubbing cum all over the sensitive head drove him crazy and he reacted as expected. Squirming, he shifted his ass on the carpet and instinctively pushed his cock further into her mouth. She sucked another drop, then plunged her head straight down, pulling his rod all the way in, tonguing his underside.

“Oh God, yes!” he moaned. “Yes, please swallow me. I’m ready!”

She stopped, withdrawing his rod from her mouth. He gasped as she moved forward and placed one hand on his chest. With the other, she grasped the shaft firmly between her legs and used it to massage circles around her clit with his head. Veronica continued skimming his cock across the wet folds right along her slit, causing Kenny to gasp. She closed her eyes and savored the sensation of the stiffness rubbing along the inside of her wet lips. Taking her time, she rolled it in short circles around the nub, letting the stiffness excite her pussy.

Kenny was used to having Veronica play with his cock by massaging around the edges of her lips and wanted so badly for her to slide it inside. She circled the head right around the opening of her hole and gradually lowered herself down, pussy wrapping tightly around his head. It took several attempts before the head pushed its way past the outer edges and sank several inches into her hole. Kenny’s eyes grew wide as he looked up at her, not quite believing it was finally going in.

Veronica took his member gradually into her pussy, sliding down his cock, inch by inch, pulling out and readjusting several times. Kenny gasped as Veronica smiled and slid further down the shaft. It pinched just a bit as it penetrated but previously having taken vibrators inside made it significantly easier. As Veronica reached the base, she stopped for a moment, letting Kenny catch his breath. Her pussy felt so full!

“Veronica, are you sure you want to…” he started.

She pressed one finger to his lips to quiet him. “Yes. God, Kenny, I’ve thought about it for so long,” she replied. “I want this. I need you!”

Veronica flexed her legs and lifted off of his cock, pulling up until just his bulging head remained inside. Her pussy gripped him tight and she lowered back down, pulling him in again. Building up to a steady rhythm, she began rocking up and down on him, steadying herself with the hand on his chest.

“Oh, God, this feels better than I imagined!” she said. “Yes, I need this!”

“Veronica!” Kenny responded. “It feels incredible!”

Excited by the slow, repeated penetrations, she gradually increased the tempo. Fucking harder and faster, Veronica began slamming her ass down on each thrust. His thick shaft plunged into her, their skin slapping together. Veronica loved every stroke, every plunge, as his head disappeared deep into her pussy. She continued riding him, taking him deep inside.

“Kenny, fuck me! Yes, fuck me! God, yes!” Veronica cried out. “I want you to cum. Please, Kenny, fill me!”

Her encouragements continued as she rode him, her lips pulling him in with each lunge. His cock thickened, expanded. Veronica squeezed with her ass, pulling him deeper into her pussy.

“God Veronica, yes!” he yelled. “I’m going to shoot!”

“It’s okay, Kenny. Cum. I want you to cum,” she said to him intently. “Fuck, fill me! Fill my pussy!”

Hearing the coaxing, the passion in her voice, Kenny’s head suddenly swelled and burst. His cock throbbed and pulsed as his cum roped out, filling her insides. Hips thrusting upward, his body shook as spurt after spurt shot into her, thick wads gushing from the sides of her pussy.

“Fuck, yes, Kenny, yes! Fuck, give it to me!” Veronica cried out. “God, yes, keep fucking me! Fill me! Give me every last drop!”

“Yes, Veronica, God, yes!” Kenny yelled.

Plunging repeatedly into her tight pussy, Kenny emptied his full load into her. With one final thrust, Veronica squeezed her little box, as if drawing forth the last of his cum. She collapsed on top of Kenny, exhausted, holding his chest tight. They lay there half asleep, Veronica’s pussy filled and Kenny completely drained, his semi-hard cock still inside.

Thirty minutes later, they had recuperated enough to eat a late night dinner and continue catching up on college, their families and relationships. Veronica was exhausted, but losing her virginity was more incredible than she ever expected.

Veronica's Note:

This story is from my first book, "Budding Discoveries." I lost my virginity to the guy in this story, though his name has been changed to protect the innocent. LOL!
My first few times having sex were with girlfriends, but this was the first time with a guy. I loved it! I wasn't sure sex could get better after experiencing girls. And it's not that it was better (or worse, for that matter). It was just different. Since that time, I've never been able to love just guys or girls. I need both!

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