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Hi, I’m Veronica Stiles!


A little background about Veronica… A lover of erotica, my writings are mostly from personal experience. You’ll find stories about a few of my friends as well. Everyone should have a phenomenal sex life, whether it be with your significant other, multiple lovers, or by yourself! So please, read my free erotica and give yourself amazing orgasms (or read to someone else while they give you amazing orgasms)!

My Childhood

So, where to begin telling you about Veronica…

We were raised near a small town in the central part of the Midwestern United States. My family owned a farm with horses, cows, pigs, chickens and rabbits. We grew much of our own food and even had about a dozen bee hives to pollinate our fruits and vegetables. A total farm girl, loving life in the country and, yes, even wearing jean overalls! It was a charmed life, for sure.


When we were kids, my parents were totally in love with each other (and still are)! My younger sister is a true friend, whom I love dearly. We attended church and Sunday school nearly every week. By and large, it was a wholesome life. This meant we weren’t permitted to cuss or harm anyone, though I swear a little too frequently these days. Our chores had to be done every day but Sunday, and we always showed respect to our elders. “Please” and “Thank you” were requirements in our home.


Becoming a Woman

After high school came college, then a successful career, marriage and world travel! I circled the globe many times over, continually visiting new countries and gaining an appreciation for different cultures. Hungry for exciting adventures to embark upon, I took risks never anticipated as a little girl. But underlying it all (or rather, overlaying it all), was my overwhelming desires. I am an incredibly sexual being!

I had an appetite for sex that couldn’t easily be satiated. Staying home and having my husband fuck me every Thursday night once the kids went to bed is not phenomenal sex! After experiencing my first real orgasm at eighteen, curled up in bed exploring myself, I knew I needed more, much more. Be it alone, with a guy, from a woman, sharing several partners… whatever I thought might satisfy my sexual appetite!


As A Writer

After many years, I decided to write about my sexual adventures mainly because they, more than anything, define me. I am a strong woman, devoted to examining every facet of my sexuality, testing limits with both men and women. And along the way, I’ve had some incredible sex! My desire in writing erotica is to vividly describe the sights, sounds, sensations and emotions of my experiences. I want you to feel like you’re in the midst of the encounters!


So curl up in bed, snuggle with lovers, or get out your toys, and read my free erotica or published books. I hope you enjoy the sexual adventures as much as I love embarking on them!

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