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Ready for more earth-shattering orgasms? Check out this page of hardcore erotica for your one-handed reading pleasure. These stories are sure to engorge that manhood, swell both nipples, or wet your finger.

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They say every marriage has a seven year itch. Mine did (perhaps more than once along the way), though it was different from the stereotypical disturbances that occur in many relationships. I had a three year itch, not seven. But more importantly, it wasn’t about finding someone other than my husband that could scratch that itch. I’ll explain...

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My lovers always waited for me before having too much fun, though not because I’m the jealous type. On the contrary, we all three had strong, separate connections with each other and one incredible three-way bond. Showing affection to each other in any combination of us was typical at this stage in our relationship. But Holden and Astrid shared an interesting, mischievous streak in them that was amplified further when the two had time to conspire without me...

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Jennifer rests her hand on the man’s thigh beneath the table. Gently squeezing the leg a few times, her delicate fingers stroke upward along the inner muscles. Her thumb pauses briefly near his groin before moving back down toward the knee. The corners of the man’s mouth are lifted with obvious intrigue, hardly masking his arousal...

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At the foot of the bed, Sofia slowly stripped Brittney, leaving no clothing on at all. Kissing Brittney’s cheek several times, Sofia lifted the form fitting shirt up and off. Dropping to her knees, she licked Brittney’s belly, tugging her tight workout pants down. The girls had seen Brittney naked at the gym before, but this was different. This situation was more intimate, more exciting...


The cool night air slipped through the window and across her body, nipples reacting, reaching. Veronica massaged one breast, barely pinching the taut nipple between two fingers. The cold air and nipple play caused tiny electrical pulses to travel through her upper body...

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