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Nearly every table in the restaurant is occupied, precisely what Holden had hoped. All seats at the bar are taken and several patrons stand behind the row of stools, waiting to catch the bartender’s attention. A low hum of mixed conversation travels throughout the room, just over everyone’s heads. The wait staff weaves in and out of tables, bustling food and drinks to hungry customers.

Holden enjoys a cocktail at the bar until the hostess locates him and leads the way to a table just twenty five feet away. She hands Holden a menu as he sits with his back to the window, ensuring a full view of the room. It’s not a large room, twenty tables at most, along with fourteen barstools lined in a neat row.

Eating alone is nothing new to Holden, having traveled the world for business regularly over the past twelve years. It’s become a game for him, observing the other patrons. He loves people watching, observing their expressions, body language, vocal inflections, and the unspoken cues bouncing across tables. Often times, he creates stories about couples, families, men, women – anyone he finds interesting.

At a table to his right, a couple sits intimately close. The early thirties brunette, Holden names her “Jennifer”, is tall and attractive, elegantly holding her shoulders back with an air of confidence. A sleek, black dress grips her waist firmly and presses a pair of small but firm breasts upward. The man, “Trevor” according to Holden’s inner narrative, looks to be about ten years older, flecks of grey just beginning to emerge among his full, shiny black hair. A button down dress shirt is filled well by a thick chest, obvious markers of frequent visits to the gym.

Jennifer rests her hand on the man’s thigh beneath the table. Gently squeezing the leg a few times, her delicate fingers stroke upward along the inner muscles. Her thumb pauses briefly near his groin before moving back down toward the knee. The corners of the man’s mouth are lifted with obvious intrigue, hardly masking his arousal.

Holden imagines this must be their anniversary. They’re both transfixed on each other, as if no one else exists at this moment, their peripheral vision completely disabled. Her lustful smile is drawing him forward. His slight grin, a clear response, as well as permission, for Jennifer. Both are anticipating the wild clashing of bodies that will occur the moment the front door of their home shuts behind them a couple of hours from now.

“I bet Jennifer will pull him through the door as he kicks it closed behind them,” he thinks. “She’ll spin around and push him down on the couch.”

Holden’s pants stir below the table. He imagines that he’s writing an erotic novel.

“Her mouth desires to please and tease, showering him in affection,” the fantasy continues. “Trevor’s shirt ripped open, Jennifer kisses down his chest and abs, while hurried hands unfasten his belt.”

Holden shifts in his seat, creating more room for his hardening cock.

“Pants are yanked down and his thick, wanting member is quickly engulfed by her warm, silky mouth,” he continues with his mental writing. “Jennifer loves satisfying her man, draining him completely, showing how much she still adores him after a decade of marriage.”


A bulging head presses against the side of Holden’s thigh.

“Lifting her dress and tugging the panties to one side, Jennifer straddles Trevor’s cock, guiding it into the hole. Her lips struggle to surround his big head before plunging inside,” he continues. “She rubs the front of her pussy and rides him to a mutual orgasm before breathlessly wilting against his spent frame.”

Holden gradually regains his senses, cock thick and hard beneath the table. A gentleman fills a water glass while the waiter describes the daily specials. Ordering just a glass of wine, Holden requests a few minutes to contemplate the desired entrée. Perusing the menu a few more moments, he settles on a house salad and baseball cut filet with a Bleu Cheese melt. The waiter returns carrying a glass of wine and, realizing a decision has been made, leaves with the order and menu.

Looking directly ahead, Holden sips the wine and sets his gaze on the young couple a few tables to the left. The cute girl with the dirty blond hair, twirls spaghetti with a fork, laughing along with her male companion. Her young smile creates an illusion of innocence, though subtle aspects of her appearance suggest she’s a relatively uninhibited girl. The blouse that accentuates her bosom, the way she bites one side of her lower lip, and the hair flipping are all telling signs. Holden names her “Madison”.

“They must be boyfriend – girlfriend,” Holden thinks. “Maybe two or three months into their relationship.”

Holden decides to name the girl’s companion “Logan”. He looks to be the same age as the girl and, maybe, a little less experienced. He seems eager to please Madison as she leads the conversation. He follows quickly, as if a dog obediently reacting to his owner, hoping for a biscuit or special attention. Logan is her puppy and it’s readily apparent what he wants from Madison.

“She has him in the palm of her hand,” Holden decides. “I wonder what she’s going to do to him when they leave tonight.”

They’re still really at the “getting acquainted” phase. Madison’s given him head several times and they’ve had sex twice. Logan’s gone down on her once, something she’s only experienced a couple of times before, but loves! And Madison wants to let him know that she likes to be fucked. Hard.

“Tonight, Madison’s going to let him know,” Holden muses. “She’s going to encourage his tonguing, laying back on the bed and pulling his head between her legs. Moaning louder than she’s ever allowed herself, Madison will grind her pussy into his face. Her cum will be fierce, the screams loud and unrestrained.”

Holden gently brushes his aching cock below. He wants the taste of pussy for himself, right now. Nothing compares to an uninhibited woman asking for a pussy licking, demanding to cum.

“Madison finishes on his face, pressing her mound against Logan’s tongue,” Holden plays the fantasy out. “As Logan pushes his cock slowly into her, Madison whispers into his ear, ‘Logan, I want you to take me tonight, to just fuck me hard. Please, pound yourself into me!’”


Holden’s rod pulses at the thought of sliding into this hot, young fuck. His balls tighten.

“Logan pushes harder into Madison, being careful not to hurt her. She throws her head back and encourages him to thrust deeper, faster. She slams her ass upward, pulling his cock further inside. Logan responds, crashing into Madison, slamming her down against the bed, over and over. Madison gets the pounding she’s needed all night as Logan explodes and unleashes his thick syrup.”

The young couple continue laughing with each other at their table as Holden’ carnal thoughts return to the restaurant. The salad arrives and Holden digs in, scanning the room for his next fantasy. Finishing his first glass of wine, the waiter acknowledges Holden’s head nod and returns with a second.

Then he sees her. The woman sitting at the end of bar with long blonde hair, drinking a martini alone, an empty plate of appetizers on the counter. Slender in the waist, her firm breasts provide a perfect hour glass shape. She wears no bra and Holden notices the faint silhouette of those full breasts as the light from the picture windows shines through the wispy material. She turns to just the right angle and Holden sees her nipples faintly pressing against the front of the dress.

Holden decides her name is “Veronica” and watches from the corner of his eye. She lifts her ass off the seat to flatten the dress against the seat. Veronica’s hands slip along both thighs, straightening the material and pulling it down a few inches. Her ass is round and tight, a sexy, firm bubble. With both hands, she adjusts the fabric over her chest, the movement causing a sensual bounce of breasts.

Veronica looks nonchalantly around the room, occasionally connecting with others, never settling her gaze on any one individual for long. Obviously comfortable sitting alone, she exudes poise and confidence, grace and beauty. In Holden’s mind, Veronica isn’t lonely. She has the attention of everyone in the room in one form or another.

Guys steal furtive glances from their tables when their wives are distracted with other matters. The ladies look Veronica up and down with approval while their husbands order drinks. Men and women alike imagine the excitement of taking her, touching and caressing, of tasting the alcohol on her lips. Veronica is pure sexual magnet, drawing everyone’s attention, invading their thoughts.

Sipping the Martini, she skims the room again, looking for nothing in particular and focusing on no one at all – until she sees Holden. Veronica’s gaze passes him by, but only after the slightest lock of eyes, an obvious skip in her scan. She can’t help it, her eyes return and she offers the faintest of smiles. Holden’s response is a smirk, knowing what she wants and more than ready to acquiesce to her needs.

He holds a black disc under the table in one hand, two buttons toward the top. Veronica maintains eye contact as he presses the right button, a faint buzzing perceptible only to Holden. The woman stiffens slightly upright, spine straightening on the bar stool. Her eyes glaze and appear distant, as if caught up in a fleeting moment of exhilaration. Her lips part and a visual sigh escapes.

Holden pauses a few moments, presses the button again and the buzzing stops. Veronica returns to the moment, gathers herself and sips the drink. She smiles, seemingly satisfied that no one saw her temporary escape. No one except Holden. And he knew exactly where she went.

Fully composed, Veronica smiles at Madison, the young, dirty blond woman sitting at a nearby tble. Her boyfriend, Logan, doesn’t seem to notice. Madison returns the smile and Holden pushes the button once more as the buzzing resumes. He quickly presses again and it ceases. Veronica’s face flushes, Holden pressing and releasing two more times. Her lips part. Clearly Veronica is not in complete control.

Beneath Veronica’s dress are a pair of tight lace black panties, a small egg inside vibrating against her clit. With every press of Holden’s button, Veronica slips into personal ecstasy, tiny shock waves electrifying her slit. Blood rushes to her pussy and warmth flows up her torso. He is controlling her, sending short bursts of vibration, gradually increasing the ache in Veronica’s loins.

He imagines what it must feel like for her, not knowing what’s coming next.

“Is he going to press it again soon,” she’s thinking. “Will he leave it on much longer this time? Can anyone see my expression change? Is he going to make me come in front of the whole bar while everyone finishes their meal?”

The anticipation must be unbearable!

Veronica settles back onto the bar stool and Holden gives her a moment to sip her drink. A waiter brings the steak and Holden diverts his attention to the meal. He sips his wine and begins eating, allowing Veronica a few minutes of respite. She orders another drink and the bartender delivers it while Holden cleans his plate.

“Her aching’s subsided, I can tell,” Holden thinks. “Her climax is always strongest when she’s been teased, when her orgasm has climbed and dropped a few times.”


Veronica nearly jumps off her stool. Clearly she wasn’t ready for it to begin again. She looks toward Holden as he hides his smile from the others around the room.

“Let me cum or don’t!” Her eyes plead. “The teasing is killing me!”


Veronica’s face melts as she struggles not to react, at least not visibly. Pushing down against the seat, her ass shifts slightly back, repositioning the remote control egg in her pussy. Her mouth parts as she slowly exhales, attempting to control her breathing. In apparent distress, she wonders how she’s going to cum in front of a room full of strangers without being noticed.

“You wanted this Veronica,” Holden smiles to himself. “It was a fantasy of yours to have an orgasm in a public place… and under my control!”


Buzz. Buzz.

Veronica slumps a half inch with each press of the button as the egg vibrates throughout her pussy. The clit tingles and warmth pervades her mound. Madison looks in Veronica’s direction but Holden can’t tell if it’s mere coincidence or if something actually caught her eye. Veronica sips her martini in an effort to appear as if everything is normal.

“You can do this Veronica,” her husband encourages silently. “Breathe slowly and let yourself cum.”


Holden lets it continue for thirty seconds, thinking it may be best for a steady stream of vibrations to rush through his wife. Veronica wiggles her ass almost imperceptibly, grinding the egg inward. Breathing through the nose, her eyes flutter and pussy moistens. Madison watches with peripheral vision, now certain the blonde at the bar is up to something.


“I know my wife,” Holden thinks. “It’s building, I can tell. A few more minutes and she won’t be able to hold back.”


He presses it for another thirty seconds. Veronica separates her thighs and leans forward, pressing her clit against the stool below. She places one elbow on the bar for support, maintaining a steady expression across her face. Worried that she may not be able to control it, Veronica looks down for a couple of seconds, pretending to wipe crumbs from her lap.


Holden presses the second button, increasing the intensity, and hits the first again. Thirty more seconds of stronger sensations running along her slit, tickling her ass. She feels it on her taint, traveling between both cheeks. Madison sneaks a peek when her boyfriend isn’t looking. Her face flush, Holden’s sure she knows what’s going on.


“Good girl, don’t tell your boyfriend,” Holden silently tells Madison. “Just watch the hot blonde get herself off.”


He gives Veronica a break for nearly a minute while he drinks the last of the wine, then sets it off again. Veronica takes the dinner napkin from her lap and pretends to brush her face for several seconds, covering the pleasure that washes over her. Madison feels Veronica’s excitement, wants to share in the experience.


Pressing several more times, Holden keeps each round going in half minute bursts. She rides them out with micro adjustments on her seat, the sensations building in her pussy. The egg drives her closer to a climax right there in front of everyone. A few patrons look in her direction, but no one seems to realize exactly what’s happening.


“You’re almost there, baby,” Holden mentally projects. “Let it roll through you. The orgasm’s going to hit any second now.”


“Fuck! Here it comes,” Veronica prepares herself. “Oh my God! Get my clit, vibrate my fucking clit!”


“Yes, there! There! Fuck!”

The orgasm hits, exploding against the inner wall, egg pressed up toward her G-spot. Veronica discreetly holds the underside of the bar, the wooden seat of the barstool providing a hard backdrop to rub against her mound. The brunette fixes her gaze on Veronica, hoping the boyfriend doesn’t notice. She presses one hand down on her own pussy, a deep ache stirring inside.


Holden lets the pulsations continue, a steady stream of gratification permeating his wife’s pussy. Her clit blossoms into a hard nub, vibrating against the seat. Veronica’s panties flood with juices and a moan nearly bursts from her lungs. She quickly replaces it with an awkward cough, barely covering the noise of sex emitted within the same breath.


“Fuck I’m cumming, it’s almost done,” Veronica tells herself. “Let it finish. Ride it through. Don’t let anyone see you cum!”


It takes every bit of determination for Veronica to maintain composure. Madison squeezes her boyfriend’s leg and whispers across the table. He quickly motions for the waiter to bring their check in an apparent hurry.

Veronica takes a few minutes to collect herself, dabs the corners of her mouth with the napkin, and drops several twenty dollar bills on the bar. Clutching her purse, she stands and adjusts her dress, before making her way to the front of the restaurant.

Holden follows suit, throwing a one hundred dollar bill on the table, not even waiting for change. He quickly leaves, following Veronica between a couple of trees into a neighboring park. About twenty steps behind, he loses sight of her and emerges onto a jogging path. She steps from behind the shrubs and grabs Holden, pulling him toward a park bench.

“Come here, husband”, Veronica smiles, tugging on his jean pockets.

Pushing him down on the bench, she unbuttons his jeans and drops to her knees. She peels the sides of his pants back and reaches in to retrieve his hard cock. It springs free as Veronica wraps one hand around the thickness.

“Fuck, darling! That was such a thrill!” she squeals. “God, I want you! It’s your turn to cum!”

Veronica takes his cock into her mouth, engulfing three quarters of his manhood at once. Holden is already leaking cum and she tastes several drops against the back of her tongue. Swallowing the stickiness down her throat, she increases the suction over Holden’s head.

“Veronica, someone could come along and see us,” Holden mildly protests. “What if we get caught?”

“It’s really late, no one is going to come by,” she responds, removing his cock long enough to reassure him. “Relax and give me your cum!”

Veronica reaches further into Holden’s jeans and cups his balls in one hand. Working the shaft with the other, she expertly strokes it into her mouth. His head throbs, pulses in the back of her throat. Sensuous lips continually pass his head, popping over the ridge of his cap and down the length.

“Veronica, yes,” he exclaims. “I need this so bad, suck me down!”

Her pace continues, unhurried, and she increases the pressure inside her mouth. The vacuum sucks his cock deeper as the lips slide down to the base. Veronica winds her tongue down his tower, tracking the bulging veins along the underside. Each draw back to the top pulls the skin gently upward, coaxing him toward climax.

“God, I’m close,” Holden yells. “Baby, I’m going to cum!”

Veronica redoubles her efforts, ready for the impending flood of jizz that’s going to shoot into the back of her throat. Cupping his balls in one hand, she squeezes the base tighter with the other, stroking the wetness over his skin. Holden’s cock tightens and stretches, the first waves shooting up toward the surface.

“Fuck, love, here it comes!” Holden cries out. “Swallow me!”

Veronica presses her forefinger against the opening of Holden’s ass and pushes inward. The finger disappears into his hole up to the second digit as his shaft begins to empty a full load. She presses up and forward, milking every drop from Holden.

“Fuck, yes, right there!” Holden yells under his breath, carefully trying not to attract attention.

Several more shots pump into Veronica’s mouth as she swallows every burst of his seed. Her head plunges over Holden’s entire rod one last time, slowly sucking down the final droplets of cum. Grabbing the back of her head, Holden is breathless, drained, his cock warm and pulsating.

Veronica removes her finger and his ass collapses onto the bench below. She sweeps one finger across her mouth, removing jizz from the corner. Holden takes his wife by the other hand, leading her out of the park and back to their car. Apparently, cumming publicly was everything she thought it would be and more!

Veronica's Note:

Yes, this story happened pretty much the way it was described. It was our first time using a remote controlled vibrating egg in public and I was really excited to see how it would turn out. I couldn’t believe only one person noticed. To this day, I have no idea if she knew what was making me cum, but that was part of the thrill!

We’ve done this quite a few more times since and it never loses it’s charm. I love public displays of all sorts and this way is one of my favorites. Trying to keep it hidden while cumming just makes it so much stronger and more difficult to hide. If you haven’t tried this, you really, really should!

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