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Traffic out of Silicon Valley on a Thursday evening can be worse than Friday nights at times, especially close to the holidays. To make matters worse, it was raining. Not that winter showers should be a big deal, but in California where rain is scarcer than many other parts of the country, it can cause terrible backups. It’s like a mild sprinkling and everyone forgets how to drive. And these “showers” always seemed to happen on nights when I just couldn’t wait to get home.

The highway out to Santa Cruz through the redwood trees is gorgeous with the ancient, majestic trees stretching upward on either side of the road. Coupled with the weather, though, it becomes darker than a night should, requiring extra attention be paid to the road. I was prone to drinking a latte on my drive home on such nights, giving me the alertness needed. By the time I arrived home, the third shot had me buzzing with a jolt of energy sure to keep me awake for an extra couple of hours.

Pulling up the hill and into the driveway, I parked behind my girlfriend Astrid’s car and gathered my belongings. She intended to arrive in the early afternoon to beat the traffic out of the valley, having planned dinner for the three of us. My husband Holden had worked from home that day, so the two had plenty of time to themselves before I was to arrive.

My lovers always waited for me before having too much fun, though not because I’m the jealous type. On the contrary, we all three had already developed such strong, separate connections with each other and one incredible three-way bond. Showing affection to each other in any combination of us was typical at this stage in our relationship. But Holden and Astrid shared an interesting, mischievous streak in them that was amplified further when the two had time to conspire without me.

They must have seen the lights as my car pulled up because they both greeted me at the front door, opening it before I could even insert the key in the lock. Astrid always respected our marriage, patiently waiting for her turn while Holden kissed and hugged me. The eager expression on her face was apparent, though, and she nearly lunged into my arms when Holden let me go. I love being wanted.

My husband took my jacket and hung it in the front closet, while Astrid led me to kitchen. Pouring me a glass of wine, she stirred the soup while I embraced her body from behind. I cupped her breasts in my hands and nibbled her earlobe. Pressing my cheek against hers, I needed to feel my lover’s softness and security. I crave closeness and touching, especially after being away all day.

Astrid questioned me about my day while chopping the last bits for a salad. She loved hearing about my work, the progress we were making in our research, and even the typical office politics that are all too commonplace in a hectic work environment. There was much I couldn’t tell her about the research given the confidential nature of our work, but Astrid didn’t mind. She ate up anything I could tell her.

I noticed a separate bottle of wine sitting empty near the sink. Apparently, Holden and Astrid had started early. After finishing my first glass, I kissed Astrid and excused myself to head upstairs for a warm shower. I loved these nights when light fog surrounded the house or the rain set itself down in a steady, audible pattern against the skylights. There was something soothing and sexy about fog or rain, particularly mixed with the intermittent crackle of a fire. A good night to take both my lovers.

My body needed release, to just let go of the tediousness of the week’s work. I took my time, letting the hot shower cleanse away the residuals of the day. Lathering myself with my favorite body wash, I let the light, airy scent cover my body. It was Tropical Coconut and Holden especially loved the fragrance since it reminded him of our honeymoon in Aruba. It was a nostalgic memory trigger of our most intimate moments on the beach, in the hotel room, and out on the boat. I soaped my cunt, cleaning the sides, washing the center, and rimming the hole. Finishing up, I rubbed coconut oil into the slit and spent several minutes pressing my clit to a firm jellybean. I had plans for my lovers. They’re going to fuck me hard.

Astrid was wearing the sweats she loved to lounge in, the ones that hung low along the waist. The off shoulder sleep shirt draped lazily over her breasts and nearly reached the waistband of the pants. Several inches of skin showed between her shirt and bottoms, the very top of her ass protruding, making my pussy ache. Those sexy back dimples showed a few inches above the pant line. Seeing her this way, I fantasized about pushing her body face down on the counter, ripping the bottoms down to the knees, and pressing my face into her ass crack.

I snapped out of the fantasy, back to drying myself and finding suitable fuck-me clothes. I threw on my lace trimmed pajama shorts and pulled a delicate, satin robe over my little spaghetti strap tank top. Both upstairs and downstairs fireplaces kept the house plenty warm enough to allow walking around naked, which I did much of the time. This evening, though, I wanted just enough clothing to tempt Astrid and Holden. I’m in control tonight.

Astrid had prepared a traditional Icelandic soup that tasted amazing on a wintry night. She made a rye bread from her home country that, apparently, was known for being baked using the geothermal activity around geysers in Iceland. She had made it that afternoon without the benefit of a geyser (she swears that’s the traditional method for preparing this particular bread), but it seemed so authentic, at least to my untrained palate. The combination of broth and bread were fantastic!

After our meal, we finished the second bottle of wine, joking and laughing, mostly at Holden’s nonsense. He joked continually, usually dripping with sarcasm or just being silly. The only times he wasn’t making us laugh was when he was working or we were being intimate. In both of those cases, he was serious and passionate.

At some point, Astrid left the room announcing there were emails she was expecting, while Holden and I moved to the couch. It had been a long week and I was needing release. I draped my legs across his lap and he did exactly as expected by rubbing my calves. I curled up close, hugging his shoulder, just waiting for him to move further up to my thighs. Holden took his time, running fingernails over my skin, across both knees, along the insides of my thighs. Keep playing.

Becoming impatient, I placed my hands over his and pushed up between my thighs to the opening at the bottom of my pajama shorts. Taking his cue, he slipped his fingers under the material and rubbed the line between thigh and pussy. He was so close, I just wanted to be fingered. Fuck my wetness.

“Slip it in me, Holden,” I told him. “I’m in need.” Do as I say.

I widened my legs and pushed forward, giving him direct access to my slit. His hand moved further into my shorts and one finger traced my lips, the coconut oil lubricating his fingertips. My pussy ached for attention, and as soon as he slipped one finger into the folds, my wetness gushed forth. He fingered my oily cunt and I threw my head back, using one hand to push him deeper inside me. Yes, finger me deep, dammit!

“Oh, I wanted this so bad,” I breathed. “I need to cum. Fuck my pussy with your hand.”

Holden smiled as if he knew something I didn’t, but obeyed immediately. Two fingers slipped inside while his thumb wrestled expertly with my clit. He pulled my shorts to one side and pressed fingers deeper, filling my pussy. The relief is amazing when I’m in such bad need and my deepest regions are touched, probed, instantly quelling the ache, at least momentarily. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my quim exploded. I held his wrist and fucked those fingers harder.

“Make me cum, Holden,” I commanded. “I need an orgasm.” Yes, fuck deep, hard!

I lay back, anticipating the impending orgasm and closed my eyes. Approaching a furious cum, I felt Astrid wrap her arms around my head from behind the couch. She kissed me, drawing my moans in, softly easing me toward release. Holden probed and filled me, three fingers now spreading me wide. Eyes closed, I allowed my lovers to carry out my demands. Make me orgasm, my loves. I’m ready.

Astrid cradled and kissed me, pulling the sleep tank over my head. Breasts bouncing free, I felt a rugged material circling my wrist and tightening. We had played with leather restraints several times and I knew the feel instantly. I loved them - the vulnerability, the loss of control, and the roughness. Moving to my other wrist, she wrapped it with a similar restraint. Clip them together behind my back. Pull them tight as I cum!

“Handcuff me and make me cum,” I moaned. “Hold my arms.”

Leather wrapped around my neck, the clasp fastening with a solid, metallic clank. We had never used a choker before but Holden and I had discussed the idea. My clit tightened and swelled, as I heard chains rustling. I opened my eyes to examine the leather binding my wrists. These were new. They were wide, with heavy clasps, as if to underscore how securely I was being contained. Pull my arms over the back of the couch.


When we played with cuffs in the past, Holden would fasten my arms together and secure them to the headboard of the bed. If I struggled even lightly, he would pin me against the mattress and fuck deep and fast. I purposely yanked at the restraints, compelling him to fuck harder, to tear into my aching pussy. I loved being taken! It was an incredible turn on to be wanted this badly.

Astrid connected my cuffs to chains and then toyed with the collar. All three points, my neck and both wrists, were linked together by chains, then fastened to a leather strap several feet long with a loop at the end. Holden slowed the fingering of my quim, thumb stopping entirely against the top of the clit. Don’t fucking stop! Finger me, dammit!

“Holden,” I pleaded. “Finish me before you fuck me. Please!” Just fucking do as I say! You have no idea how bad I need this!

“Get up,” Astrid ordered rather harshly. “Follow me to the bedroom.”

She yanked the leather, jerking me away from the couch. The stern look on her face told me she meant business.

“But I wanted…” I protested anyway.

“Quiet!” she yelled. “Do as you’re told.” I thought I was in charge!

I had no choice but to comply. My pussy was aching so badly! I rose from the couch and did as instructed, Astrid pulling me up the stairs. Tugging the chains, she nearly dragged me down the hall and through the door to the bedroom. I fell to one knee as we entered the bedroom, which only caused Astrid to tug harder, emphasizing her control. All the lights were off, but a couple dozen large candles lit the room fully. I had been so focused on cumming, I didn’t realize how quickly my lovers took control.

Opposite the bed, a high wood beam capped the wall across the roof line, adding support along the center of the house. A large eye hook had been screwed into the wood and a thick cable hung down with a steel ring at the end. Feeding the leather strap through the ring, my arms were lifted in the air and throat pulled taut. Astrid pulled the leather toward the wall and secured the loop to a large hook in the wall, leaving me with surprisingly little latitude to shift. I can hardly move.

“What are you doing?” I asked, trepidation now evident in my voice. With each swallow, the collar felt as if it was tightening against my skin.

Astrid said nothing, yanking my night shorts to the floor. She knelt between my legs and buckled a leather cuff around my left ankle. She then pulled my other leg in the opposite direction and fastened my right ankle as well. Short chains led behind me, providing only about six inches of movement in any direction. With my feet shoulder width apart, I was forced to keep the center weight of my body directly below the ceiling cable or my neck would be drawn uncomfortably tight.

“Astrid…” I started.

“Hush!” she commanded. Then more quietly in my ear, “You’re going to watch. I’m going to have your husband in front of you and, if you’re good, I might let you come afterwards.” I’m tingling!

My God, I was completely exposed and helpless. My pussy was tingling wet from the combination of attention and raw need. I ached all day to fuck my two lovers, to ride Holden’s cock, press my pussy against Astrid’s face. My mind drifted during a meeting that day to the image of plunging my tight cunt down on Holden’s thick fucking stick and Astrid’s tongue swiping my clit with each thrust. I had such a strong imaginary cum, I was afraid it showed in my jolt back to reality right in front of the other company executives.

Holden walked through the door and looked me up and down with a wide grin. He slowly sauntered toward me and grasped the chains, giving a mild tug to ensure they were fastened securely. Kissing me on one cheek, he slipped a finger into my pussy. He drew more wetness from my sopping opening and inserted two fingers into my mouth. I hungrily ate of my own tangy essence.

“I love you,” Holden said. “You’re an amazing wife.” Please, let me cum.

Holden turned toward the bed, standing just six feet in front of me. Astrid lifted the shirt over his head, flinging it toward the dresser and missing. Hands squeezed his hard pecs, thumbs flicking both nipples. Kissing just one, her mouth lingered over the pink, sensitive skin and teeth tugged gently on the hard, protruding knob. Holden’s cock always twinged and hardened when his nipples were gently rubbed and tugged.

Dropping to her knees and wrapping both arms around his torso, Astrid raked her nails into his back, red streaks instantly welting from the digging nails. She kissed his abs, mouthed along both sides. Pecking his flat stomach, Astrid audibly breathed in man scent. Stopping for a moment, she peered around one side of his midsection, making sure she had my complete attention.

“You like sharing your husband with me? You like watching another woman fuck his cock dry?” she asked. “I’m going to have your husband. Every ounce of him. I’m not sure I want to leave you even one drop of his jizz.” Do it. Take every fucking ounce. I could cum just watching you.

Astrid unfastened his pants and tugged them down to the knees, his cock dangling semi-hard, just inches from her mouth. Holden kicked the material from his ankles and ran fingers through Astrid’s hair. Twisting his body to ensure I had a complete view of his thick manhood, she squeezed his ass and kissed the tip of the head, causing it to jolt upward.


“I can’t wait to deep throat his cock,” she said, looking directly into my eyes. “He’s going to be so fucking hard in my mouth.” Oh God! I can almost taste his pre-cum dripping onto the back of my tongue.


Her lips slipped over the cockhead, wetting his shaft with saliva as it disappeared. Drawing back out, she slowly plunged down again, taking in three quarters, pausing, staring directly into my eyes. Lifting her head up, the rod sprang free, hard as steel pipe.


“Oh God, you should feel that thick head. Fuck, I can feel his veins on my lips when I suck him down,” she said, staring at me intently. “You’ve taught me well. You know how I turn your husband on, how easily I can excite that cum right out of his balls.” I want to taste him. Share him!

It was true, I instructed Astrid on the proper way to suck a cock, to let her mouth linger over the head. I showed her the reaction caused by flattening the tongue and gliding it inch by inch down the underside of the shaft. She learned to wet it sufficiently, to create a suction without sucking too hard. And most of all, I taught her to love it, to thoroughly lavish in orally fucking him.

One hand worked his shaft while the other reached down between her legs, rubbing that little pussy through the sweat bottoms. Her tongue spread itself across Holden’s most sensitive skin below the head, wiggling side to side before engulfing the thickness once again. He groaned loud and held the sides of Astrid’s head while she continued sucking with intent.

“I can feel his cum, Veronica. He’s getting ready to shoot his load, to shoot your load. This is your husband’s cum, your cum,” she teased. “And you’re going to watch him pump it into me.” Fuck! No, fuck, please share it with me!

My pussy tingled, ached incredibly. I yanked at the chains, needing to touch myself, to relieve the pain of desire. My throat jerked upward from the chains and I coughed. I didn’t care, thinking only of the explosion I couldn’t give myself.

“Once I finish him, I’m going to have an incredible cum,” she continued, “Then he’s going to fuck me so hard, Veronica, you’re going to beg for it.” I need his cock. I’m so fucking turned on!

Astrid’s fingers furiously frigged the material of her pants, wetness forming through the cloth around the outer lips. I imagined the swollen pink skin inside, throbbing for release. Simultaneously cupping his balls and gripping the lower shaft, Astrid pulled him back down again. Holden held her head on both sides and fucked that soft, waiting mouth, moans reverberating through the room.

“I can’t wait to be slammed and fucked,” Astrid teased, licking his head. “Maybe I’ll let him fill my cunt with another load,” she sucked his cock in and back out. “And then I’ll sleep next to you all night. You can smell his cum on me ‘til morning.” God no! I need it, my lovely bitch!

Astrid turned her full attention to sucking Holden off, gradually sliding her mouth down his thick cock and bringing it back up again. I had taught Astrid exactly how Holden needed it. What a great pupil, having paid close attention to every detail. His veins pressed against the sides of Astrid’s lips while she cupped his scrotum and gripped the base. Let me out, this fucking choker hurts.

Holden moaned long and loud, gently grasping the top of Astrid’s head. More spit ran down his length and over her hand, the lubricant glistening on his shaft. Lifting her mouth up to his head, she stroked the saliva along his rod, pumping repeatedly. I leaned forward, wanting to join them, and the collar pulled at my throat.

“Oh, yes, suck me in,” he urged. “Use that beautiful tongue on me, Astrid.” Let me taste it. Please!

Rotating her hand and squeezing his ass with the other, she plunged his pulsing member inward. Over and over, she jerked him into her mouth, fucking his cock with one hand. Her mouth created popping suction noises as she coaxed his jizz up the rod. I needed to touch my pussy, to break just one restraint. I couldn’t even shift my legs to rub my lips together.

“I’m going to cum, Astrid,” he announced, looking in my direction with glazed over eyes. Cum, yes, cum!

Astrid looked toward me from the corner of her eyes, fixated on mine. Both my lovers were looking at me, his ejaculate ready to explode and then, all of his muscles tensed, body stiffened. I watched her take down his load, stared as she swallowed his gift. I taught that too, how to continue sucking while it pumped down the back of the throat, not gagging or allowing any to spill from the sides of her mouth.

“Astrid, I’m cumming!” he shouted. “Yes, swallow me, please.” Let me swallow it. It should be mine!

He stabbed forward several times, shooting into Astrid’s waiting mouth, ass clenched. Her throat lifted and dropped, as she swallowed it down, milking his seed. She never looked away, as if giving me the gift of watching my husband shoot a huge load, fully satisfied and thoroughly drained.

“Oh God, yes!” he yelled one last time. My aching pussy.

Astrid paused, holding him deep inside. She removed the big cock from her mouth, cum strung between her lips and the head. She hadn’t swallowed the last bits, but stood and walked toward me. Kissing deep, she pushed his warm, sticky spunk into my waiting mouth. Hungry to be a part of their sex, I swallowed it down, probed her lips for more. The tangy, acrid taste was heaven in that moment as I lustfully took the remains she generously allowed me. The choker tightened around my neck as I strained to take more of his spunk.

“Astrid, what do you want me to do?” I breathed heavily as her lips released mine. “I need to cum.”

I wasn’t begging or pleading, as that would get me nowhere. I knew that I must succumb to whatever desires she had, whatever commands I was given. Anything to cum.

“You’ll do whatever I say, Veronica,” Astrid responded, kneeling in front of me. “You wanted me to fuck your husband and I am. You told me how much you love it.”

Shifting to her right, Astrid reached into the top drawer of the dresser and removed something that clearly wasn’t intended for my eyes. Twisting for a better view, the choker tightened against my neck. Astrid curled the item in one hand, hiding it toward the floor between my legs. Clutching my hips, Astrid kissed my pussy several times before slipping her tongue into my entrance. My knees buckled. Yes, I need that! Just tongue my slit and quell my ache!

Astrid licked my crevice, wriggling over the top of my throbbing clit. I tingled and engorged, my pussy straining for a better tonguing. A firm, thin object rubbed along my gash, wetting further with each pass. I was sure it was a thin dildo. It’s not Holden’s cock, but at least she’s going to get me off!

Astrid’s mouth sucked the top of my clit, squishing it deliciously between her lips. I felt the thin item move down my pussy, passing my hole, until it rested against my anus. Astrid sucked my clit hard and pressed the item in, slightly widening my asshole until it popped into place and stopped.

“Oh God!” I gasped, feeling a fullness in my ass and throbbing in my pussy. “Yes, fill my ass and eat me!”

“Hold that in place,” Astrid teased. “I’m not done.” Yes! I love ass play when I cum.

She fumbled with something below me again and I heard a faint buzz. It wasn’t loud enough to be one of the vibrating cocks we love to use when we fuck each other. A small, vibrating object pressed between my lips and slid down to my hole before Astrid inserted it into my vagina. It was small, not really filling, but provided a low hum against the inside bottom of my pussy just inside the lips. Yes, fuck my ass, vibrate my pussy, lick me to orgasm!

“Don’t let those pop out,” she rose to her feet and whispered in my ear. “If you keep them in, I might come back and fuck you when I’m done with your husband.” You can’t be fucking serious!

The vibrating in my pussy was exquisite, but I knew a vaginal orgasm would be tough without directing the stimulation against a particular region. They were easy to achieve when I pushed a dildo or vibrator against the inside front of my pussy. My G-spot gave me powerful orgasms, but required the right pressure in just the right spot.

Astrid walked to the bed, grabbing Holden by the hand. Sitting on the edge, she pulled the sleep shirt over her head, buoyant breasts begging for attention. I loved playing with her tits, the C cups were so perky and youthful. Holden knelt on the ground and massaged Astrid’s chest, sucking a nipple into his mouth.

“Your breasts are perfect,” Holden exhaled, admiring her beauty. Play with them.

Loosening the front of her sweat pants, he forcefully yanked them down and pushed Astrid onto her back. Both legs wrapped over Holden’s shoulders, pulling him close. I wanted to join them on the bed, to help him eat Astrid.

“Yes, I need you now!” she cried out, a little too emphatically. She wants to be taken.

He lifted one of her feet, placing the heel onto the bottom of the bed, giving me full view. Astrid’s pussy was perfection – tight, pink little lips, and a long, thin clit peeking out all along the slit. Delving in, Holden pressed his lips against her flesh as she squealed with delight. Astrid’s fingers instantly clawed the sides of the mattress. The sounds of him teasing her wet gash filled the room as he ate, devoured her sweetness.


“Oh, yes,” Astrid cried out. “Give me that tongue. Lick my little pussy.”

I was panting, wanting to join them, needing a tonguing just like Astrid was receiving from my Holden. I tugged at the foot restraints as I attempted to rub my thighs together, to somehow stimulate my clit. My lips were too far apart, my legs forcefully widened beyond the point required for self-gratification. I attempted to bend my knees toward each other, but that only lowered my body, tightening the choker around my neck.

“Veronica, watch,” she demanded. Your husband’s eating me. My pussy is here for his tongue. He loves my taste.” So do I.

Holden continued lapping, repeatedly tugging on her labia, exposing the clit. It formed a hard nub as he teased, exciting the wiggly skin. Creating loud sucking noises, he pulled with his lips, toyed with the clit across the top of his tongue. Astrid loved it, relished the intensity. My pussy was so wet, it just needed touching.

“Fuck Holden, right there! God, Veronica, your husband is a fucking expert,” she tormented, through half closed eyes. “Is this how you wanted me to fuck your husband? If you’re a good girl, I might let him do this to you.” Yes! I’m being good.

Astrid ground herself against Holden, her mound pressing against his face. Moving that tight ass back and forth on the bed, she thrust repeatedly. I clenched the plug in my ass and my pussy trembled. My thighs were damp from the tiny vibrations of the egg.

“Oh, Veronica, here it comes. Yes, Holden, tongue the bottom of my clit!” she exclaimed. “Keep going, I’m gonna cum!” Oh, God, I can feel the intensity of her orgasm!

Grabbing the back of Holden’s head, Astrid held him firmly in place, shaking wildly. Her ass shuddered and shook on the bed, groans bellowing from the depths of her throat. I could sense her cumming, could feel it between my own legs, as if it were me climaxing. I tugged the chains, knowing they were immovable, unforgiving. If they don’t fucking let me cum soon…

Astrid convulsed, several remaining shakes expelling the orgasm from within. Holden held tight, pressing into her delectable flesh, tasting the last of her juices. Astrid clutched the top of his head with one hand, grasping at the last shudders. One final seize, Astrid’s body tightened, abdominal muscle perfectly contracted, not moving, and then, she melted against the sheets. They’ve both cum. Now it’s my turn.

“God, Holden, you’re an incredible lover. I know why Veronica married you,” she looked at me while grinding her ass on the bed, as if relishing the last remnants of an incredible orgasm.

“Astrid, please,” I was back to begging. “Can I cum now? Please, release me.” You’ve made your point. You’re in control. You’re fucking my husband. I don’t care. I love you! I love him! Please, just fuck me!

“I need to be fucked hard, Holden,” Astrid said, not even looking in my direction. “Take this pussy and fucking pound it!”

Holden quickly stood, grabbed Astrid by the waist and flipped her supple body over. Tossing her face down on the bed, that beautiful, round ass lifted, waiting for penetration. Placing both knees on the bed to the outside of Astrid’s calves, Holden forcefully grabbed her by the hips. His cock was hard again, completely solid, pointing to the ceiling. To taste that cock right now, to ride it – God, I’ve never wanting anything this bad in my life.

“Fuck her Holden,” I said. “Fuck our lover hard.”

His cock skimmed up the crack of her ass, pressing momentarily against her asshole, as if attempting to enter. The veins pulsed, pumping along the firm valley several times. Grabbing the base with one hand, Holden slid the head lower until it found Astrid’s pussy hole. She gasped as he teased the entryway, circling the opening.

“God, yes,” she moaned. “Now, take me. That’s your pussy.”

Holden pinned her lithe body against the comforter and slammed the full length of his rod in. Astrid raised her head and cried out, a mixture of pleasure, shock and excitement. Holden’s midsection slapped her ass with every penetrating thrust. Fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap!

“Oh my God, yes, pound me!” she urged. “I need you to slam hard!” Yes, yes, fuck her!

Holden raised his hand and landed it square on Astrid’s right cheek, leaving a pink rash. Two more strikes landing harder each time, surely stinging her round flesh.

“Ow, fuck! Spank me again,” Astrid cried out. “Fill me up and spank my ass.” Make it sting.

Holden’s cock slid effortlessly in and out as Astrid wailed in delight. Her moans had me close to my own orgasm, I just couldn’t fully get myself to cum. I watched my husband pummel my lover and grunt with extreme pleasure. Drips ran along my inner thigh as I clenched both toys in my holes, straining to keep them in place.

“Veronica, this should be you,” Astrid said, looking back at me. “I love your husband’s cock. I’m tightening around him.” Yes. Yes, his thick cock!

He continued fucking as I writhed against the restraints, caring little about the marks they would leave on my skin. Astrid screamed into the bedding, every jolt slamming her helpless body forward, unable to do anything other than just take his thick cock. Holden clutched her hair and pulled back, giving himself leverage to plunge deeper. Yank that hair. Fuck her!

“Yes, Holden,” I encouraged. “Fuck her hard. I want to hear her scream.”

He slammed Astrid’s ass. She winced in pleasure, ass rippling with every stroke. Yes, unleash your load!

Astrid moved one hand between her legs, the other steadying against the mattress. Two fingers furiously stroked left to right, mashing her clit feverishly. It took no time at all for her next orgasm to fill the air.

“Oh, Holden, fuck me while I cum,” Astrid moaned. “Oh, my God, yes, yes!” Cum again Astrid.

His thick cock slammed forward as Astrid yelled. I had never heard her so loud, as she cried into the bed. The buzzing egg inside me shifted further down, just above the opening, causing more direct vibrations against my lips and clit. Oh my God, yes, right there! I can cum!

Astrid’s climax subsided, Holden slipping his rod from her punished pussy. She was breathless, eyes closed, hair covering her face. Her panting continued while Holden left the bed and walked towards me. Reaching two fingers inside, he plucked out the vibrating egg. No, I was about to cum!

Touching just the tip of my clit with one finger, wetness streamed forth, coating his skin, like an overfull dam bursting. Holden kissed me deep and passionately, replacing his tongue with fingers. Hungrily I lapped at the nectar, anything for sex. I didn’t care what they gave me at this point – kissing, licking, fucking, fingering. I had rarely needed release this bad before.

Chains rattled above me, as I tugged in desperation, my waist pushed forward in hopes of more touching. Astrid slowly raised herself off the bed and joined us against the wall.

“Veronica,” she stroked my face. “What do you need, love?”

“Astrid, please,” I whispered, though certainly not calmly. “Please let me have it. Let me have you, let me have Holden. Whatever you want to give me. I need you both to make me cum now.”

“Holden,” she said quietly. “Fuck your wife.”

Holden’s spear in his hand, he pressed against my slit. I was chained to the wall and could hardly move, but I pushed my midsection out as far as I could. The choker pulled against my neck, leather digging into both wrists.

“Oh, my God, Holden! I want to hold you,” Veronica pleaded. “Fuck me deep!”

Astrid knelt in front of me and took Holden by the base of his rod, guiding it toward my hole. Bending at the knees, he pushed forward and up, gliding easily into my sopping cunt. Deep. Fuck me deep.

He slid easily into my soaking folds, incredible relief washing over me. I was finally getting what I so desperately needed. Astrid toyed with the plug in my ass, twisting and turning. I felt so full.

“Oh God, Holden,” I whimpered. “I need you. Please take care of me.” Give me your load.

Astrid rubbed one finger against the top of my slit while Holden filled me, gently tugging at the anal plug with her other hand. The slightest movements in my ass were amplified as Holden penetrated me. Astrid moved her hand side to side on my slit, pressing the clit against my pubic bone.

“Oh, yes!” I cried. “I’m going to cum, please let me cum!” Finally!

With one hand behind my neck, Holden held my face close to him, his mouth pressing into my cheek. Pressing his face into mine was always a sign that he was close to dumping his load. Holden could last a long time on his second orgasm, but fucking Astrid so aggressively tightened his balls. They were ready to let loose, and I’m sure my early vaginal contractions weren’t helping.

Just as I began trembling with orgasm, Astrid popped the plug from my ass and I released fully. My screams filled the room, echoing back from the high ceiling. My pussy rushed with wetness, soaking Holden’s rod and balls. Both my knees wobbled, and he grabbed my waist, steadying me. Hold me up.

“Oh, Jesus, yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I yelled. “Hold me, Astrid, I’m cumming! Fuuuuuuuck, yes!”

Muscular arms holding me in the air, Holden plunged his cock deep inside and shot, his base pressed hard against my clit. Jizz flooded my insides, prolonging my own orgasm. The thickness of his shaft pulsated with each spurt as he shuddered, releasing wave after wave until I could no longer stand. Holden pumped into my limp body, chains suspending both my wrists in the air.

“God, Veronica, yes,” Holden yelled. “Take my load, wife.” Yes, give it all to me.

His muscles rippled, tensed. The last of his semen filled me as he kissed the top of my neck, just above the choker. Streams of his jizz rolled down the insides of my thighs, warmth gushing from my slit. My lips quivered around him, the final thrusts spurting and shaking.

Astrid released my ankles from the binds while Holden continued propping me up. She unclasped my upper chains and choker, finally releasing me from bondage. Holden carried me to the bed, my head nuzzled into his neck. The orgasm left my body more exhausted than being chained to the wall.

Astrid nurtured me by bringing me water and cradling my face. My thirst finally quenched, she held me in her arms, holding and protecting me. Hold wrapped strong arms around us both. Sandwiched between my two lovers, I couldn’t open my eyes at this point. Hold me.

“I adore you, Veronica,” Astrid whispered. “I love you both so much.” Love me.

I nuzzled against her in quiet response, burying my face in her bosom. I slept the entire night and into the late morning with my cheek against Astrid’s chest, my arm wrapped around her waist. Holden pressed lovingly against my back, wrapping both of us with his body.


Veronica's Note:

I've taken this story from my third book, though I added a little extra to this story, honestly because I have a difficult time remembering every detail of what happened that night. I was nearly delirious with desire and had such trouble focusing. Have you ever needed it so bad that everything is a bit foggy? All you can think about is the aching and how badly you need it?


I'll admit I had marks on my wrists and neck the next day (my ankles seemed to survive just fine). I didn't leave the house to go downtown that weekend - imaginations might have run wild wondering who had caused the bruises and scrapes! No matter, I had an amazing time. Oh, to recreate that night!

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