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The coffee was getting cold after sitting so long. They didn’t really seem to be deciding anything at all, even though it should have been pretty straight forward. She was such a nice girl, a good girl – and really sexy. None of them disagreed on those points. In fact, they all really liked Brittney.

The point of contention seemed to be whether she was too nice, too good. Brittney was quiet and reserved, even shy. Sofia was sponsoring her, so it was up to her to convince the rest of the group. Somehow they needed to see that Brittney would be a good fit, the right fit.

“Guys, listen,” Sofia argued. “This is the first girl I’ve proposed to the group. I haven’t pushed anyone until now.”

“You were the last one to join, though,” Sandy countered.

“But I’ve been in the group for over six months,” Sofia responded. “Each of you has proposed a new member in those six months.”

“And we haven’t agreed to any of those proposals,” Gillian said. “We just need to know why we should all agree on this one.”

“That’s what it comes down to, Sofia,” Long explained. “We’ve all agreed she’s cute and sexy. We’re all attracted to her, without a doubt. But why her instead of other girls we’ve considered?”

“The other girls we considered each had characteristics that at least one of us had issue with,” Sofia said. “Either one of us wasn’t attracted to them or they had personal baggage we had to worry about. The last one was in the middle of a messy divorce and that could have caused drama for the group.”

“Fair enough,” Gillian said. “So, answer Long’s question. Why Brittney?”

Sofia had been struggling to come up with an answer for the past hour in the coffee shop but just couldn’t find the right words. All Sofia knew was that she really wanted Brittney to be part of their group, to be a member of the club. It was the first time since Sofia joined six months earlier that she really even wanted a fifth member.

Technically, the club was started by Sandy and Gillian (or Jill, as she liked to be called). The two had been lovers for a year when Long joined them, making it a three way relationship, a triad. Another year went by before Sofia was approached by Long to become part of the club. By this time, they had begun calling it “Fuck Club”, a name inspired by the movie “Fight Club”, where new entrants were sponsored by a current member. The girls also began initiations for new members, another idea borrowed from the movie.

Originally, Jill, Sandy, and Long had never planned to bring a third girl into their group. After Long introduced Sofia, though, Sandy couldn’t help it. She worried about changing the dynamics or having less of a relationship with the other girls. Sandy wanted an addition to the club, to add Sofia to the ties the girls already held with each other.

Once Sofia joined, they all realized she wouldn’t be the last. That’s when they all decided to put the rules in place. After drinking several bottles of wine one evening, they established the Nine Rules of Fuck Club:

  1. Members can only have one partner outside of the group at a time

  2. Only girls allowed

  3. Every proposed girl (applicant) must have a sponsor

  4. Membership must be unanimous decision

  5. Every applicant goes through initiation based on their biggest fear

  6. If this is a girl’s first night in Fuck Club, they must be initiated

  7. Initiations will go on as long as they have to

  8. If an applicant says “stop”, they all must stop, but the girl cannot become a member

  9. A member can only be voted out unanimously

So now Sofia was proposing a new member. All the girls liked Brittney and had spent plenty of time getting to know her, especially once Sofia started bringing her around the house. Jill liked her because they shared a love of food and cooking. Long had an immediate and powerful sexual attraction to Brittney. And her interests were well aligned with Sandy, in particular their love of sports.

No doubt they all liked Brittney for various reasons, but the feeling was more than mutual. Brittney also loved hanging around the group. At first, she had begun working out with Sofia at the gym. Later, she joined all of them at dinner in the group home one or two nights a week. Gradually, Sofia had her at the house more and more, eventually sleeping over fairly regularly. Spending time with such a close group of girls that all loved and supported each other was amazing.

And God, Brittney was hot! Such an amazing body, cute face, and so damn flexible! But why was Sofia so adamant about bringing her in? She was having a difficult time articulating her reasons to the rest of the group. And then, it hit her.

“I want her in the club because she is too nice. She is a good girl,” Sofia said with sudden confidence. “We should include Brittney for precisely the same reasons we didn’t bring the others in. We all find her so easy to be around and she’ll fit in perfectly… what you see is what you get. Easy going, fun, cute, sexy, no bullshit.”

Jill reflected on Sofia’s words for a few moments while sipping the remnants of the cold coffee. The other girls paused as they all waited for Jill’s reaction. They tended to follow her lead, though she was taking an incredibly long time. To be fair, this was a major decision for the future of the group.

“I get what you’re saying… and I think you’re right. We should like that she’s quiet and unassuming.” Jill paused a moment before continuing, “I vote yes.”

“Okay, I’m in,” Long was next. “For the record, I think she’s hot as fuck!”

“Me too,” Sandy laughed. “I mean, I agree we should bring her in. And I agree, she’s hot!”

“Sofia, it’s up to you to find out what her trigger is, what she fears,” Jill instructed. “Then we’ll figure out her initiation.”

The initiations began when Sofia joined, once the others heard how much she hated being out of control. It wasn’t brutal or punishing as one might expect from a sorority hazing. It was a means of testing limits and understanding how the person reacted under stress. It built trust, with the group helping each other through anxieties, each girl conquering their fears with the help of the group.

Sofia’s initiation was about pushing boundaries, taking her out of her comfort zone. Being a “control freak” as the girls called her, Sofia was tied down, strapped naked to a bed with soft, but secure lashings. No longer in control of legs and arms, the remaining girls left to the kitchen, taking their time cooking dinner, sipping wine, eating and chatting. Jill had even made a cheesecake earlier in the morning that they shared for nearly an hour.

They took turns periodically checking Sofia’s bindings but refused to acknowledge the swearing, thrashing and pleading. In fact, they wouldn’t even look at her face, focusing instead on the satin knots securing her wrists and ankles. When the rest of the group eventually finished their meal and returned to the bedroom, Sofia was pissed. Swearing more than usual, she pulled and yanked at the bindings.

The girls waited until Sofia calmed down, giving her water and cheesecake remaining from dinner. Then they touched, teased and pleased her. Each took turns kissing, tasting, and licking. They fucked Sofia with an anal plug, a vibrator and finally a double headed dildo. For two hours, Sofia had no control at all and was the center of attention, all pleasure directed toward her complete satisfaction. They made her cum three times that night and not even Sofia can stay pissed after that many orgasms. Now it was Sofia’s turn to bring someone into the fold, to lead the initiation of Brittney.

They had initially met at the gym several months earlier, when Brittney was using a corner of the dance room to practice yoga poses. Sofia was holding the barre to stretch one side of her body at a time before beginning a daily routine. Several times Sofia had caught Brittney stealing sideways glances and it was clear she was interested in more than just dance. It was Sofia who first engaged though, asking Brittney to join her for lunch after their workout.

Eating together became a regular occurrence, as their schedules lined up three days a week. Clearly Brittney liked girls, and the two quickly became enamored with each other. After hitting it off quickly, it didn’t take long for Sofia to learn Brittney’s more intimate details. Like the fact that she hated the cold, having been born and raised in Toronto. According to Brittney, freezing weather was something you either got used to or never did at all, and she certainly never did.

Brittney was a neat freak, too. As she would say, not completely OCD, but close. It wasn’t anxiety or stress, but more about continually cleaning, everything having its place. She washed her hands twenty times a day, organized every pocket of her gym bag, and arranged silverware in a particular order before eating. Brittney even showered both before and after her work out!

Sofia used their Monday lunch to understand those idiosyncrasies at a deeper level. Brittney explained that it wasn’t a disorder, at least not in her case. Growing up, her mom was often sick and continually cleaned their home as a means of fending off illness. Brittney knew it wasn’t completely rational but years of strict order and cleanliness had ingrained the traits into her personality.

“So, what do we do with all that?” Long asked a few nights later over dinner. “Are we going to make her watch us while we dirty the floor?”

“Seriously, Sofi,” Jill laughed. “I have to agree with Long. I’m not sure how we use that. Any ideas?”

“Yeah, I know what to do,” Sofia smirked. “And I think you’ll like it.”

Brittney had been sleeping with Sofia at the house quite often, just the two of them sharing a bed. Sofia had explained how the group functioned to Brittney, including their living arrangement, relationships, and even the method for inviting a new play mate. Brittney loved the idea of being included, hoping Sofia would sponsor her membership at some point.

“Brit, I want to bring you into the group, into our house,” Sofia said over lunch a few days later. “I’ve talked to Jill and the others. They’ll let me sponsor you.”

“Yeah?” Brittney’s eyes lit up. “You think I should? Think it would be good for me? And for the group?”

In her enthusiasm, she piled several questions on top of each other.

“Yeah, definitely,” Sofia held her hand and smiled. “I want you there with us. All the time.”

Brittney produced a restrained smile, though her excitement was quite obvious.

“Now, I told you about our initiation, right?” Sofia asked.

“Yeah, I remember,” she responded, pausing a moment before her next question. “But how would I be initiated? Do you know what it is yet?”

“Uh huh. I know what it is,” Sofia said. “Look, it’s going to be fun, but I told you it’s going to be uncomfortable. I don’t mean in a bad way. You’ll enjoy it, I promise. You trust me?”

“Of course I trust you,” she said. “But you can’t tell me what it is?”

“No, I can’t,” Sofia giggled. “Be patient. I just told the other girls about it. To be honest, I can’t wait!”

Sofia stayed at the house for the next two nights without Brittney. There wasn’t any real preparation required, she just wanted to build up a little anticipation. When Saturday night came, she was so eager, she couldn’t wait for her girlfriend to arrive.

Jill had dinner ready when Brittney showed up around six pm. They all shared a meal and a couple bottles of wine. Everyone was eager, the tension palpable. Sandy cleared the table, while Long and Sofia discussed dessert. Clearly they were still hungry.

“I can’t wait,” Sofia said. “I’ve been waiting days for this!”

“Fuck you,” Long laughed. “I’ve been waiting weeks!”

“Yeah, I know,” Sofia agreed. “But it’s going to be so worth the wait.”

“I get first dibs,” Sandy said, returning from the kitchen.

“No, that goes to Sofia,” Jill said, following right behind Sandy.

“What is it?” Brittney asked curiously. It seemed odd they would be this excited over dessert.

“You!” Sofia said, grabbing her by the hand. “Follow me.”

Brittney giggled. She guessed they were leading her to the bedroom and were about to have their way with her. This wasn’t really an initiation, but no matter.

“How could all the girls sharing me for dessert push boundaries?” she thought. “Out of my comfort zone, my butt! This is going to be amazing!”


Still, she trembled with anticipation. Sofia led her upstairs, the others following right behind. Their play room was a large bedroom with a king size bed in the middle of the room, a thick, soft blanket covering end to end. A long, wedge shaped cushion sat dead center.

At the foot of the bed, Sofia slowly stripped Brittney, leaving no clothing on at all. Kissing Brittney’s cheek several times, Sofia lifted the form fitting shirt up and off. Dropping to her knees, she licked Brittney’s belly, tugging her tight workout pants down. The girls had seen Brittney naked at the gym before, but this was different. This situation was more intimate, more exciting.

“Fuck, Brit. Your yoga pays off in spades!” Long said. She grazed her hand along the side of Brittney’s ribs.

Long had been waiting for the chance to taste this gorgeous girl. Cute, thin eyebrows rounded the ends of slim, kind eyes. High cheekbones and a pursed smile showed her elegance, poise. Medium length and very shiny, dirty blonde hair only added to the exquisite look.

Her face was beautiful, certainly, but that body was incredible. Small and petite, yet powerful! Standing only five foot three inches, her 112 pounds were compact yet strong. Every muscle was taut, shapely, carved. Brittney possessed the biggest curves on the smallest frame the girls had ever seen. The 34B breasts complimented her firm, round ass and sleek stomach lines perfectly.

“Well, what do you want me to do,” she asked, rather shyly.

The other girls were stripping as Sofia led Brittney to the center of the bed without a word. Kneeling on the blanket, she pulled their delicious looking dessert down and draped Brittney’s midsection over the wedged cushion. Ensuring the position was comfortable, she pulled her girlfriend forward and secured cuffs around both wrists. Her arms were separated, pointing toward the top corners of the bed.

Moving behind Brittney, Sofia placed cuffs around both ankles and pulled them toward the bottom end of the bed. Tightening the cords further opened Brittney’s legs and the wedge lifted her ass nearly two feet off the mattress. One final strap was tied from one side of the bed to the other and across the backs of her calves. Both legs were firmly held down, allowing very little movement below Brittney’s waist. Her ass was the centerpiece, a round, barren mound just below, puffy lips slightly separated.

“Does anything hurt Brit?” Sofia asked.

“Are you wanting me uncomfortable?” she responded with a question. “No, I’m ok. I just can’t move!”

Brittney could barely see the girls behind the bed when stretching her neck all the way to one side. The flexibility from years of yoga gave her just a glimpse of what they were doing. Sofia was stripping herself now and the others were huddled together at a small table near the door, panties their only remaining clothing.

“Bring it over here,” Sofia directed the girls, herself fully nude. “Give me the Vanilla.”

“What is that?” Brittney asked, just able to see some kind of carton and several kitchen utensils.

“Hold still,” Sofia reassured her. “This is going to be cold.”

“What?” she exclaimed. “What’s cold? What is that?”

Sofia dug a utensil into the carton before lifting it out towards Brittney’s ass. A cold, hard ball landed on the crack of her ass.

“What!” Brittney cried out. “What is it? What’s on my ass?”

Another carton and another plop along the ass crack. Then a third.

“We said you were the dessert!” Long told her.

“Oh my God,” Brittney thought. “They put ice cream on my ass! What the hell?”

Sofia knelt down behind her, grabbing both thighs and licked the balls of dessert right at the junction of her cheeks. A chill along her ass, Brittney tried to move, hoping a shift would provide reprieve from the cold. Sofia’s tongue traveled alongside the ice cream as Long joined in.

Jill and Sandy knelt to either side of Brittney’s torso, jointly kissing her waist. Their tongues met along the small of her back, moving up behind her head. Each kissed opposite sides of her face, hot breath colliding with ears. They teamed her face, caressing the cheeks, biting the corners of her mouth. Brittney kissed back, attempting to keep up with both mouths simultaneously ravaging her lips.

“Oh, God, it’s too cold!” Brittney was nearly breathless. “I don’t know if I can take it! Sofia, you know I can’t have sticky things on me!”

Sofia ignored the pleas. Vanilla ice cream swirled in her mouth as she shared the creaminess with Long. The two kissed just above Brittney’s ass, cold sweetness transferred between soft lips. Long lowered her head, pressing her mouth over a lump of strawberry. She pushed her face down, rubbing ice cream deeper into the crack.

“We’re just getting started, Brit,” Long said. “Fuck, I’ve wanted to eat your ass for so long! I’m taking my time!”

Streams of melted vanilla, chocolate and strawberry goodness began pooling, filling the hole of Brittney’s ass. Smears of chocolate covered the lower back and Sofia scooped them up with several tongue strokes. Brittney flipped her hair back, in obvious distress from the cold.

“We’re going to eat you, to devour you,” Sandy whispered in her ear. “Lay there and let us enjoy our dessert.”

“I know. I am,” she mewed in return. “It’s cold but my pussy’s so warm.”

Long pressed her tongue between two mounds of ice cream and into Brittney’s ass, lifting melted liquid into her mouth. The tip pressed against Brittney’s star and Long felt it tighten in response. She covered the strawberry ball with her lips and pushed it deeper into the crack. Brittney squealed in what appeared to be a combination of delight and torment.

“Yes, please lick it out of my ass,” Brittney pleaded. “Sofia, it’s too cold… and sticky!”

Sofia couldn’t tell if Brittney wanted her ass cleaned or if she was truly enjoying the play. Drips of ice cream slid over the hole of Brittney’s pussy toward the mattress. Stickiness formed on the tip of her clit, mixing with warm juices. Sofia burrowed into her ass and licked droplets from the bottom of the slit.

“You love that, don’t you Brittney,” Jill said, biting her ear. “Now, we’re going to share Sandy’s pussy.”

Sandy slid her panties down and lay on the bed in front of Brittney, positioning her mound directly in front of her face. Jill sat on all fours next to Brittney and pressed her face into Sandy. Suckling the clit, she tugged it outward with her lips, pulling and releasing repeatedly as it hardened. She turned and kissed Brittney.

“Your turn to taste her,” Jill instructed. “Eat her pussy. And make it good. I want to hear her cum hard!”

Brittney did as commanded, pressing her little face into Sandy’s mound and delving into the orifice. Her tongue slid repeatedly up the slit, the top lip holding it in place. Sandy moaned loud and long, lifting her ass off the bed, straining to give better access.

Long and Sofia continued sharing Brittney’s ass and licking the pussy clean. Ice cream melted down over her ass crack and across the pussy, while their tongues probed both of her holes. Stickiness streamed down the insides of Brittney’s thighs, gobs falling to the blanket below.

“Oh God, yes!” Brittney cried out. “Please, clean my ass! It’s so cold, I’m numb!”

Long continued licking her ass clean while Sofia reached to the table behind for a long can. Brittney was too busy sharing Sandy’s pussy with Jill to notice. Long rubbed one finger along Brittney’s crack several times before slowly pressing it into Brittney’s asshole. Much of the ice cream was melted all over her ripe peach, a mess covering the entire backside.

“Oh! Yes, please finger my ass!” Brittney raised her head long enough to make the request. “Work it into me.”

Sofia placed the tip of the can against Long’s finger and pressed. A shot of whip cream spurt against Brittney’s hole and Long pressed it in with one finger, plunging inward. The cream lubricated the rim, allowing Long to easily glide one digit in and out. Sofia shot out another squirt.

“You like that Brittney?” Long asked aggressively. “Is that what you want, for your asshole to be fucked?”

Sofia slipped her tongue alongside Long’s finger, rimming outside the delicate starfish. Brittney could hardly focus on the mound in front of her face, failing at an attempt to move her legs and press her ass further onto the finger. Trying her best to continue licking, she spread Sandy’s pussy with her tongue, diving into the mound.

Sofia applied more whip cream to the top of the dessert pile as Long mixed the ingredients together and pressed them repeatedly into Brittney’s ass. Large dollops ran down both cheeks and across her puffy pink pussy. Sofia set the can aside and buried her face into Brittney from behind, ice cream forming distinct rivers between lips and clit.

“I need to cum now, Brittney,” Sandy begged. “Please, eat me and make me cum!”

“I’ll help you,” Jill said, gently pressing the back of Brittney’s head deeper into Sandy’s bare mound.

Jill positioned her own face next to Brittney’s and began tonguing the pussy toward orgasm. Jill strained to reach the lower crack with her tongue, while Brittney focused on the clit. Sandy’s mound swelled like an overfilled dam ready to burst, groans rattling throughout the room.

“Yes, I’m getting close,” she urged. “Don’t stop, let me cum!”

Long kept finger fucking Brittney’s backside while Sofia prepared additional garnish for her ass. Peeling a banana, she placed it on top of Brittney’s dessert ass. Long molded the curved length into the sweet mixture along her crack, pushing cream up onto both cheeks. Melted remnants wrote paths down the insides of her legs and along the valley created by her spine. Brittney was a sticky mess!

“Oh, yes, I’m cumming!” Sandy yelled, grabbing both girls by their heads. “My God, yes, take my cum!”

Sandy’s pussy convulsed, tremors rolling down both thighs and up her stomach. Her tone, hard abs flexed and teeth clenched, the orgasm hurling through her midsection, reaching curled toes. Body shaking, Sandy’s hands held both girl’s heads firmly in place as she ground the last of the orgasm into their waiting mouths.

“God, that was amazing!” Sandy exclaimed, breathless, the center of her body still undulating. “You two made me cum so hard!”

Jill kissed Brittney deeply, passionately, and looked her in the eyes.

“We’re going to make you cum so hard,” she told her. “But we all have to cum first!”

“Oh my God, you can’t make me wait like that,” Brittney responded. “I can’t move! My legs are numb! My ass is numb!”

Jill ignored the pleas and moved down to join the other girls. Opening wide, she sucked in a mouthful of cream, multiple colors streaking across both cheeks. She attacked Brittney’s ass like a ravenous wolf, splotches of dessert falling onto the bed beneath Brittney. Sofia took turns licking ass each time Jill paused to catch her breath.

“Leave some dessert for me,” Jill told Long. “Sit on her back, I want both of you at the same time.”

Long didn’t need to hear the command twice. She stood and straddled Brittney’s back, resting her pussy just above the ass crack of ice cream. Grinding her pussy downward, Long rubbed her slit against the melted cream. Jill plunged right in, pressing her chin against the ass while licking Long’s succulent lips. Drawing liquid from the top of Brittney’s ass, Jill pulled it up to the top of Long’s slit, letting it cascade back down.

Still strapped to the wedge shaped cushion, Brittney attempted to reposition her knees and torso, though the restraints only allowed a few inches of movement. Long’s ass sat square on the small of Brittney’s back, her slit just inches above the dessert pile. Jill and Sofia were on their knees behind Brittney, their faces buried in ice cream, ass and slit.

“God, Jill,” Long threw her head back and moaned. “Yes, lick my fucking pussy.”

Long loved swearing, moaning, talking, screaming during sex. Anything that involved making noise, letting her partners know what she enjoys, how to please her. She rubbed her ass along Brittney’s back, pressing mound into Jill’s face.

Sandy moved behind Sofia and flicked the switch on a vibrator. Twisting the vibrator against Sophia’s opening, she wet the bulbous head along the slit and pressed inward. It hummed and slid easily forward, disappearing between puffy, engorged lips. Sofia groaned as her pussy swallowed the wand, taking is deep inside. Sandy pulled and twisted outward, then thrust back in, the slick, pink silicone sliding effortlessly in.

“Jill, Sofia,” Brittney called out. “I can’t stay like this much longer. Please, let me up now! I’m so damn dirty!”

“Yeah, you are dirty,” Sofia responded. They’d never heard Brittney swear, not even “damn”. “We’re not done with you Brit. We need to cum first and then, I swear we’ll take care of you baby girl.”

Sofia dropped four cherries in the top of the dessert pile and joined Jill in lapping it up. They ate cherries, drank the sweet, melted goo, sharing the ice cream sundae. Jill slipped a finger into Long and tugged the clit into her mouth. Long squealed and threw her head back. Sofia used one finger to massage liquid into Brittney’s slit.

“Sandy, fuck me,” Sofia implored. “Rub my clit and fuck me.”

She rocked her ass back, trying to get slide the vibrator in deeper, harder. Sandy fucked her with the thick shaft, simultaneously circling the clit with two fingers. The double stimulation, both inside and out, always drove Sofia crazy. She was known to have vaginal and clitoral orgasms simultaneously if the timing was just right. Her hips bucked, legs pushed back onto the buzzing stick. Sandy moved faster, fingered more aggressively, pushing Sofia toward the edge of climax.

“Yes, now, now,” Long cried out. “That’s it, Jill, eat my cunt! Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!”

Long’s clit hardened, lips tightened, mound engorged. Jill tapped beneath Long’s taut hood, gentle pings with her tongue. Long swelled and burst, her beautiful chest heaving as it loosed against Jill’s face. A wash of juices gushed forth, mixing with the cream on Brittney’s ass. Slurping the combined liquids, Jill ate cherries and cream, drinking Long’s essence, sliding her tongue up and down the clit.

“Ooh, yes,” Sofia moaned. “It’s my turn. Sandy, you’re going to make me cum. I’m getting closer.”

Sofia’s pussy clenched the vibrator, a slight suction pulling the stick deeper. Sandy held it in place and frigged the clit with two fingers. Fast but light movements from side to side brought Sofia to the edge. Just as Sandy felt it reach a tipping point, she slowed, grinding the clit gently against the bone beneath.

“Fuck, fuck, yes, fuck!” Sofia screamed. “That’s it, right there! Yes!”

Sandy kept pace, pressing hard but moving slowly, pushing further in. Several spasms surged through Sofia’s body, rocked her forward, the orgasm spilling onto Sandy’s hand. Sofia clutched Brittney’s thigh, using it for stability as her own legs trembled. With one last shake, she collapsed against her lover’s back, breath raspy with lust, as Sandy withdrew the vibrator.

“Please, give me an orgasm,” Brittney said in apparent agony. “I can’t move and I need to cum!”

Jill moved to the top of the mattress and cupped Brittney’s face. She caressed both cheeks with soft fingers and their lips embraced. Jill gave her a taste, a fusion of dessert and pussy. Brittney eagerly licked, hungrily devoured the honeyed substance.

“You’re going to get what you want. Make me cum,” Jill ordered. “And you can cum with me. Eat my pussy and give me a strong orgasm. God, I want you!”

Jill removed her red thong, the last of the girls wearing any clothing, and leaned back against the head board. She splayed her tan, muscular legs wide, inviting Brittney to taste, to lick, to tongue fuck her. Using both hands, Jill lifted her ass off the mattress to position it directly in Brittney’s face.

“Girls, take Brittney,” Jill commanded. “Fuck her.”

Strapped in and unable to move, the banana split had all but melted across Brittney’s ass, much of it having streamed over her pussy and down both legs. The partial banana and remaining cherries were still lodged in the crack, waiting to be eaten. Sofia added two more scoops of ice cream, refreezing the backdoor and cheeks. Brittney cried in protest, while Long drizzled chocolate syrup over the top of their creation.

“Time to finish dessert,” Sandy giggled. “Let me in here. I want to make a bigger mess of her ass.”

Kneeling behind Brittney, Sandy grabbed both cheeks with her hands and spread them wide open. More dairy and sauce streamed down Brittney’s pussy and legs. Sofia smeared the concoction across Brittney’s ass and back, finger painting a heart into her lover’s skin.

Diving in with her mouth, Sandy buried her face in the cold cream, consuming and licking along the crack. She bit into the banana, ate the cherries, and drove her tongue into both of Brittney’s open holes. Brittney’s clit strained outward, begging for attention. She had been teased for well over an hour now and cries had turned to whimpers.

“Oh God, yes,” Brittney moaned. “Tongue my ass. Yes!”

Brittney buried her face in Jill’s pussy, spreading both lips with her tongue, exposing the hard bean. Brittney explored, carefully loved the mound, pressed deeper. She drank Jill’s sensuous nectar, lavished in the soft, wet folds.

“Brittney, yes, tongue my slit,” Jill urged. “My entire pussy is tingling!”

Sandy continued eating dessert as Long rubbed a thick, smooth dildo along Brittney’s ass. Sandy held Long’s hand and took the fuck stick into her mouth, wetting the length with sticky syrup. Long placed the tip against Brittney’s anus and pressed. Brittney let out a long wail into Jill’s mound.

“Oh, yes, fill my ass,” she moaned. “Fill my ass and tongue me!”

The vibrations from Brittney moaning directly into Jill’s cunt trilled the lips and clit. Shockwaves reverberated through the entire region, a tingling sensation driving her closer to the peak. Jill pushed her chest out, breasts heaving upward as her pussy swelled. Spreading her knees further apart, she ground her cunt into Brittney’s face.

“Finger me, please,” she begged. “Put your finger on my G-spot, rub my front wall!”

Long fucked Brittney’s ass, sliding the dildo smoothly in, over and over. Sandy licked the ass, cream covering her mouth and nose. Sofia lay underneath, lifting her lips to meet Brittney’s drenched pussy. All three girls expertly teased and fucked her entire region, from the top of the ass to the very center of her slit.

“Yes, lick my clit,” Brittney cried with labored breath. “Keep filling my ass! I love it!”

She buried her face into Jill, redoubling efforts to create an explosion of excitement. Determined to give Jill a mind shattering orgasm, she massaged the insides with two fingers while tugging the clit between pursed lips.

“Fuck, yes!” Jill yelled. “That’s it, I’m cumming! Fuck, yes, I’m cumming!”

The dildo disappeared into Brittney’s ass, filling and fucking the anus. Sofia sucked the whole mound into her mouth, tongue punishing the taut clit. Sandy nibbled at Brittney’s exposed taint, licking the dildo on every entry into Brittney’s tight backdoor.

“Oh, God, there it is!” she yelled into Jill’s trembling pussy. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!”

Jill threw her head back as threads of electricity rippled outward, pussy walls repeatedly clenching and loosening. Brittney convulsed, her own orgasm tensing her abs, ass and cunt. Sofia tasted a wash of juices flood her throat, as she drank it down, wave after wave. Long held the dildo tight inside of Brittney, while Sandy licked the pussy hole, her tongue intertwining with Sofia’s as they sparred to taste their lover’s juices.

“Yes, Brittney, keep licking,” Jill urged. “I’m almost done cumming!”

Brittney moaned long and loud into Jill’s pussy, eyes fluttering from sheer ecstasy. Both girls continued to shake and tremble until their pussies couldn’t continue any longer. Their bodies fell limp and Brittney laid her head on Jill’s mound, the last of her orgasm settling into fatigue.

Sofia toweled her friend off and gave them a few moments of rest. Long kissed and nurtured Brittney, while Sandy unclasped the cuffs. She removed the strap from the backs of Brittney’s calves, finally allowing movement. Brittney remained laying on the wedge for several more minutes, stretching both legs and rubbing her wrists.

Eventually, Long helped Brittney to her feet, giving the girl time to steady both legs. Sandy led them all to the shower, where the group washed and cleaned Brittney. They kissed and scrubbed her body, stripping the stickiness away before all curling up together for the night. She was part of the group now and she loved them.

Veronica's Note:

This story was inspired by a friend I met on Twitter who went by the name “Female Spanker”. While discussing some of our fantasies, the idea of eating ice cream off of someone’s ass came up. We also talked about several other fantasies that involved asses and spanking. From these communications, I developed the set of characters for this story.

I will likely use the same characters in other stories and may even develop a “series” based on these characters. Look for more stories with Sofia, Brittney and the others coming in the future.

In the meantime, here’s your story Female Spanker! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you are well!

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